A bit of culture

Our neighbour below had some leaks from the ceiling, and having called the administration to check among others our bathroom, the guy concluded there isn’t much that looks wrong here. When the woman from below asked what she should do next, he told her she needs to contact the administration. The inevitable reply was “but aren’t you from the administration?” After a pause, and a hmm, all she got was “I can give you a form…” I’m told that things are very similar to Poland in Mexico, in this regard and many others, like…

When you purchase anything in a market that is in a box – the last such item acquired was a toaster – the cash clerk will open the box and check if you’ve stuffed any other items in there to be carried out as freebies. When I purchased a stereo, after the cash clerk’s inspection came the security inspection to make sure that the clerk and I are not in cahoots.

Perhaps when buying an even bigger item, the mall president comes to check that the clerk and mall security are not conspiring. It’s funny to consider and think about. There’s lots of time for it when you’re stuck in a queue while those ahead are having their goods inspected. Twice.

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