On Omar Khadr

Regardless of where one stands on the $10.5 million settlement in Omar Khadr’s case… no, especially when one believes the settlement was not fair. Roper: So now you’d give the Devil benefit of law! More: Yes. What would you do? […]


Started the day off with a steam burn – kettle shed its lid at a very inopportune moment. Spent the day with a hand on the ice pack, and the other on… the keyboard. But, the Bytech website is almost […]

A bit of culture

Our neighbour below had some leaks from the ceiling, and having called the administration to check among others our bathroom, the guy concluded there isn’t much that looks wrong here. When the woman from below asked what she should do […]

A Lonely River

Growing up in Poland towards the end of east-European communism, the Second World War was (and arguably still is) a common subject. My family left the country before it would have been my duty to enlist in the army, but […]


Off on a hike to Sobutka. The last time I tried tackling the hill from the back side, I got rained out. Paths turned to rivers, ankle deep water rushing down the hill with mud, me working hard not to […]