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New AM Friday Last spot left!

Let’s start the second half of summer with an adventure on the Nysa Kłodzka!

Merry-making and fun guaranteed for all but the grumpiest of cats. Pirate rum and local beers available on site, or simply bring your own. Also bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Something against light rain, just in case weather changes
  • Bug spray
  • Comfortable clothing for a roughly 3hr ride down the peaceful Nysa Kłodzka
  • Swim suit if you’re brave

Get sated at the bon-fire with anything you’d like to bring, or buy something from the shore restaurant. Fish, chips, and other options available.


Option 1
Saturday at 12:45, August 14, 2021
Wrocław Głowny, back entrance between station and Wroclavia shopping center.
Train departs 13:11, we arrive at Bardo at 14:29.

Option 2
Saturday at 14:45, August 14, 2021
On-site: Grunwaldzka St., Bardo (unnumbered) at
Rafting Bardo Spływy Pontonowe & Kajakowe


Option 1
Eat at Bardo after rafting, return at 20:46 in Wrocław on the 19:26 train.

Option 2
Raft, then immediatelly return to Wrocław at 19:47 on the 18:32 train.


6/7 filled.
(Anja, Giri, Elena, Slawek, Boris, Elena)


Pontoon ride: 50PLN / pirate (includes rental of all needed equipment)
About 40PLN for train there and back
Discounts on train ride available if we purchase a ticket for 2+ people at once.


I can make a group purchase for train tickets, no need to individually stand in line. They can also be purchased on the train with a 5PLN surcharge.

Pontoon-ride tickets will be purchased on-site.


Nysa Kłodzka’s weather is unpredictable. The best plan is to pay an extra 1 PLN for a train ticket to Kłodzko, instead to Bardo. If Bardo looks scary on arrival, we can keep going. 10 minutes later we’ll arrive in Kłodzko.

We can have a lunch in some comfortable and dry restaurant, then expolore Fort Kłodzko where the rain won’t bother anyone.


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